Drabble Letters

According to The Drabble Protection Society, a drabble “is and always will be a story of 100 words exactly.”

As a new initiative for 2017, I decided to lift the form out of the realm of fiction and apply it to letter-writing.

Behold! “drabble letters”: a series of 52 letters – published once a week throughout this year – addressed to absolutely everything and everyone.

These are listed below; please click on the recipient to be transported to that particular letter.

P.S. Having written the first drabble letter, I can confidently say that it is quite a happy undertaking; and I wholeheartedly recommend you do similarly!

The Letters

Week 1: Hannah Rainey
Week 2: Time
Week 3: Vinne
Week 4: Sleeve
Week 5: Lauren Chassebi
Week 6: Our Demons
Week 7: Nicole
Week 8: Self-Doubt
Week 9: The Skints