‘Compass’ – a poem

  Compass Throughout history People have fought not to be conquered or cowed Throughout history Communities have stood tall, firm and proud Throughout time others have struggled to silence words which needn’t be spoken Throughout time they have battled to break spirits which will never be broken Throughout the world there will always be some who spray hate across a wall But throughout the world there will always be more who catch us when we fall For Manchester -  24.05.17

‘Reminiscences of My Revolutionary War’ – a poem

Today marks six months since the founding of Whatever Words Here is something to mark that occasion Reminiscences of My Revolutionary War Through the jungles of my love came cutting as the blade of a libertador But it was a scythe. What was sown that day (one year, yesterday) was my rebirth in a warzone. Through the skies, … Continue reading ‘Reminiscences of My Revolutionary War’ – a poem