About Whatever Words

Hi, I’m Josh.

Welcome to Whatever Words.

I have always loved to write. Whatever the topic, I find it cathartic. But I’ve also found myself writing less and less this past year (2015/16), and Whatever Wordsย is an effort to change that.

I’m known among my friends and family for being ‘political’; the last pieces of writing I shared with people were laden with footnotes and didn’t necessarily make for light reading. The content of this blog, though, will scarcely – if ever – delve into politics: it’s more a place to record and share ponderings that accompany me as I stroll along from day to day. This will range from thoughts about life and emotions to favourite quotes and gig reviews.

I hope you enjoy it.ย Thanks for reading.

P.S. I also proudly contribute to Love From… Find my articles here, there, there and here.