A Letter to the R

Dear R,

I just wanted to offer a few words to let you know how special you are.

I hope desperately that my sometime-sadness does not lead you to doubt yourself. Whilst I would rather have solved this already at almost 29 years, I am still finding myself and my path. I can promise, though, that you are at the centre of both. 

When these anxieties – the intensity of which I have scarcely known before – take hold, I feel that I fall far away from the person I could, and want to, be. And the thought of in any way upsetting you saddens me further. For this and all else, I am sorry.

However, when I see your kind, beautiful face I instantly remember – and feel immediately closer. 

It feels very much as if not enough has been said by way of this positive impact of yours. Truthfully, I would rather show you. I hope this approach is to your satisfaction.

Thank you,
Josh x 

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