Do you know why I like you?

You challenge me.

I would argue that you and I are cut from a similar cloth – different colours from the same patchwork, perhaps – but even so, you make me think; even when I don’t believe I need to.

I suppose we all have our niches – yet you help me realise that there exist more than merely our own. I know I should pay more attention to other issues – and you put them on my map.

You call me out on the stupid things – but you also laugh at the silly things, and that makes me smile.

You’re smart and, for what it’s worth, I like that. I enjoy our conversations: they’re always interesting and I always learn something. I haven’t quite found a way to shine in front of you yet – but you are switched on to things in ways that I could only dream of. In this, you inspire me to be a better – read: more committed and well-rounded – person.

Thank you.

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