A Letter to Olivia

Dear Olivia,

First of all, I’d like to take a moment to thank you for a wonderful weekend. Not only was it much needed; it’s been the best weekend I’ve had in a long time.

After our conversation on a bench somewhere in central London yesterday morning, I don’t think it would the be most baffling of admissions to say that these past couple of days have meant a great deal to me – but I’ll entertain it anyway.

You know well now the struggles I have with confidence and loneliness, and the unhealthy stock I cannot help but put in to the possibility of a romantic relationship. But, alongside gently trying to dissuade me of this precept, you have shown me that it is not the sole path to happiness. Far from on it: this weekend has been so fun!

I used to be someone who could run off little sleep: late nights followed by early mornings, always with a spring in my step. However, my battle with depression which began last summer put an end to this. More recently, since moving to a new city, positive change hasn’t been as forthcoming as I had perhaps presumed it would be, and some old nagging struggles have begun to rear their heads again. Then as now, this change in routine has led me to feel like I’ve lost a part of myself. Going from Friday night in Camden to riverside pubs in sunny Walton on Saturday without even pausing for sleep, however, let me feel something like my old self again.

I’ll forever remind you of how the first night we met you commanded me not to fall in love with you – and now, too, that time you told me to go ask to join in whatever that man was doing on the train – and, truthfully, there’s a part of me that ever so slightly worries that what I’m about to say will come across as some sort of declaration of love. But, you talk to me with honesty and I will always do the same. Therefore, I must confess that I thought adventures like this weekend’s were reserved only for spouses. I’m so grateful to have been proven wrong in this.

We’ve only known each other a few weeks yet you’ve already proven what a treasured, beautiful friend you are. Whilst I would rather such necessities didn’t present themselves (for obvious reasons), I hope that should you ever need it, I will be able to provide the strength of friendship that you have so generously given me.

I don’t know how regular are such adventures in your world; but I’m fortunate to have been a part of one and I am so happy and privileged to have you as a friend. Over some thirty hours you have shown me, as one author I greatly admire wrote, that life is always worth it.

Thank you.

With love,

P.S. I couldn’t see anywhere appropriate to mention this above but, for what it’s worth, yesterday brought home how proud I am to be your friend.

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