18 Thoughts for the Future

On 27th May 2017, my little brother turned 18
It was weird enough when he learnt to drive:
Now I’m definitely old

I wanted to give him something for the years to come and all that life throws at you
Hopefully some of what follows will be helpful somewhere down the line


1. You got this

2. There is always time to think

3. Sunshine soothes

4. Everyone feels out of place somewhere

5. Home is never too far away

6. “You’re never too old to dream” – Tim Armstrong

7. Perception is a moveable feast: someone will always misunderstand you

8. You can’t please everyone

9. Peer pressure is overrated

10. You do you

11. Time away can be all you need

12. “You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming” – Pablo Neruda

13. If a song makes you feel electric, it doesn’t matter who sings it

14. The road not taken is never a reason to look back

15. It’s okay not to be okay

16. There is always someone who cares

17. Don’t worry

18. Be happy


Happy Birthday, Lewis
P.S. One more thought (for luck):
You are enough

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