‘Snowball’ – a poem

“Intelligent but adorable,” I read somewhere:
I would like to aim for that – someday.
For now, I keep going; steadily,
steadily, I step, taking
One day at a time.

You with your world
have delicately straightened the bend: rend-
ered an oxymoron believable –
For your world is a snowball
but a snowball (for it has surely and plainly snowballed)
that burns
burns, brightly; glistens, proudly.

Everything that you have gifted
has loved and tended and lifted
us from the doldrums when all else felt lost.
And that you yourself are not this moment tuned in
is not a crime, nor flaw, a scandal nor sin.

You, sweet girl:
You take all the time you need
And never apologise (please);
For you are the reason
This family breathe.

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