A Few Words for Fellow Travellers

These words are addressed to one particular person for the benefit of anyone but


I’ve shared a few thoughts with a few friends. The people who cared enough to help me through it. The people who actually would’ve cared if I had let you push me over the edge.

As I start a new chapter, now feels like an appropriate time to say a few words. They’re not for me and they’re not for you. They’re for anyone else who just might need a little reassurance.


The first time, I chuckled to myself. A surprisingly pleasant response to a 4-something-am text.

This time, I laughed out loud. A lot.

Any communication of yours is both prefaced and post-faced by the malicious things you said and did; the fact you either don’t see that, or don’t appreciate it, (and, based on past experience, I would fail to find this surprising), is funny in itself.

“You can’t hate me that much”

You don’t get to tell me what I feel or for how long I should, or could, feel it. You don’t even get to assess or assume.

Here’s the thing: I have big plans. And I’m incredibly excited about these plans. Once upon a time, they involved you and you would’ve been cherished throughout. But they don’t involve you anymore and that’s your fault and your problem.

That’s it.

I won’t be the last person you hurt; and nor will I be the last person to ever be hurt by anyone. But I also won’t be the last person to come out the other side. These words are for those people; the ones still on that journey.

It’s hard and it’s hurtful. But it doesn’t go on forever. Sometime soon you will find the end; you won’t look back; and you’ll be too busy being better off to waste time wondering whether or not that person whose heart you, as a kind person, would never so brazenly break, hates you a little or a lot.

You’re worth far more than some people ever give you credit for. You are loved and you would be missed.

Please hang in there.


If anyone reading this feels is hurting and struggling, please know that you are not alone in your pain. If ever you need someone to talk to, I am always contactable on Twitter (@whateverwordsuk) or via email (whateverwords1@gmail.com)

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