‘A Wonderful Life’ – a poem of positivity

A Wonderful Life

Whether by golden sands and warm sunlight,
Snow-caked streets or twinkling night,
Time is ours, come silence or strife:
We shall have a wonderful life.

Whether by solitary stroll or celluoid kite,
Brash and booze-soaked or savoury delight,
Time gifts hours; it is my cherished wife,
Together we will have a wonderful life.

–  01.02.17

NB: The title of poem is taken from a paragraph in Arnold Samuelson’s With Hemingway: A Year in Key West and Florida (London: Severn House Publishers Ltd, 1985 [1984], p. 85):

Lillian Gattorno had never thought that there might be a difficulty in getting into the movies. She thought the railway fare to Hollywood was all that stood in the way of her becoming a star, and once she got there it would be easy. She would let Clark Gable and other men in the business make love to her while the photographers stood around with their cameras and then she would go and see herself in the theatres. It would be a wonderful life.

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