‘Wings of a Broken Heart’ – a poem of positivity

Wings of a Broken Heart

There was once a time
when I thought I’d never write again
My heart had been broken:
why on earth would one pretend?
So much I had written
about a love that would never end
That when it did, I fell apart:
I wished never to rise again
Over time I assessed a crime
which no revolution could defend
‘Twas as if those words had never been spoken
and I would take a lifetime to mend
But I must say, I remember the day
when I finally smiled again
To be sure: my heart was still broken
but this smile was not pretend
All that I had written
will most likely never be read again
But today I can say that I am okay
for I have reclaimed my pen
As sure as bright days follow cold nights
fine ink will score a song for this wren
I will write: yes, I will write
and I will love again

 – 13.01.17

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