That Which I Adore


I spend more time sat in front of my bookcase looking at all my books, deciding what to read next, than I do actually reading.

So writes Kirstie,* in a post entitled ‘What Book Next?’, on her blog Komoberi which, aside from being a beautiful word, has quickly become my favourite blog.

I’m pretty sure Kirstie knows this, but nevertheless, I wanted to spend a little time sharing some of its wonders; not least because I’ve inhaled quite a few of her posts and want to talk about how fantastic they are.

Komoberi is essentially divided into three themes: Lifestyle, Books and Writing. The book posts are what appeal to me most, but the truth is that everything here is worth a read.

Kirstie’s style is irresistible: it is conversational yet captivating; and – no matter what she is writing about – her passion is palpable.

So, what are some of my favourite posts?

– A Booklover’s Gift Guide

need the Books and Tea make me happy mug (#5). I would also love the Book Baubles (#9). And, if she hasn’t bought it already, I should like to one day buy Kirste Tequila Mockingbird (#11).

Free Writing

Kirstie is a strong advocate of free writing; not least as technique to get out of a creative rut. I too think it is an exercise more people should try, for whatever reason, but she conveys her advocacy in a better, and more persuasive, way than I ever could:

You can use it to help you break free from a writers block, or calm you down when you’re feeling stressed or anxious or if you just have some time to kill. … If you are using a pen and paper, you can make it bit more fun and use different colour pens and pretty paper.**

Perks of Being a Bookworm

This is not just – for a fellow bookworm – a beautiful post. It is, among all the blog posts I have read, by a variety of bloggers, at once the one that has made me most happy. In my world, it can at times feel like a lonely place being the only person in the room who loves books (let alone anywhere near as much as I do); and this post not only reaffirms, and gives me confidence in, my love of books; but also lets me know that there are in fact people out there who feel similarly.***

Miss Komoberi also shares a number of lists, such Happiness Is…, 100 things that, for her, translate into happiness. I have already filled in the #WritersLife Tag questions, which was rather enjoyable. Meanwhile, another of Kirstie’s perks of being a bookworm has inspired a new initiative on Whatever Words (Pretty Covers). I am also now quite desperate to visit Bristol’s Book Barn.

I could go on, but I think you get the idea. Kirstie is truly lovely, her Komoberi blog is wonderful, and I adore both of them. What are you waiting for? Quite following the rambling words this blabbering, bloviating bozo and hop over to Komoberi!

* I felt that to mention this above would interrupt the flow, but; I am exactly the same when it comes to choosing a new book.
** What a splendid idea!
*** And I have now the pleasure, and privilege, of reading about her similarly-themed feelings.

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