An A to Z of Things I Like

Below is a list of things I like in life, beginning with each letter of the alphabet
Angel Slices & Alliteration
Books, Buzz Lightyear & buttery
Dogs, Dog Walks & Dogs
Earthworm Jim
Furtive (the word)
Glockenspiels & Garlic Bread
Hoppípolla & Hill Top Zone
I muttered something underneath my breath / She studied the lines on my face
Jesse Michaels’ lyrics
Less Than Jake
My Father by Leonard Michaels
Night-Time Drives
Penguins, Pigs in Blankets & Play it cool, Trig
Queen’s ‘Sweet Lady’
Sunshine, Saxophones & Snowdrifts
Tea (Traditional English Ale and hot, bitter and leafy) & #TalkMH
Underestimating my ability to buy yet another book
Words, Writing, Words
X-Men’s Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman
Yorkshire Puddings
Zelda, The Legend of

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