What’s New with Whatever Words?


Since my very first post on Whatever Words back in August 2016, my experience in, and with, the world of blogging has been extremely exciting. I have made many fantastic friends and discovered a whole world of wonderful writing.

Perhaps the most unexpected outcome, though, has been the entirely unexpected response the blog has received. I had seen how popular some blogs and bloggers were, but I never for a minute thought that what I wanted to do would earn an audience wider than – if I was lucky – a dozen people I knew already personally, who had taken a look out of courtesy. I never believed that I would end up with 100 followers on Twitter, let alone the several hundred I do now.

So thank you to all those who have read, shared, commented and contacted – having received a new, several-thousand-page dictionary for Christmas; I can confidently confirm that there are no words to capture neither the strength, breadth nor depth of my gratitude.

2017 looks to be a big, busy year for me personally, and for Whatever Words.

There are a number of new ideas taking shape, and I thought I would collate them here to better share them with whoever might be interested.

Roundtable Readers


The one I am most excited.Roundtable Readers (#RoundReads) is a Twitter chat for people who looks books, reading and more books. It launches this month. Learn more about it here.

Drabble Letters


A series (52; once-a-week) of 100-word letters to people, places, thoughts and things. The first one, to #TalkMH‘s Hannah Rainey, is right here.

Pretty Book Covers


The most recent idea is Pretty Book Covers, inspired by another blogger, Kirstie Komoberi. This is, quite simply, a place to share book covers we simply cannot peel our eyes from. Both covers and thoughts are welcome!

What Else is New?

The most recent post is my answers to the #WritersLife questions, which you can read here!

I shall also be contributing more regularly to the Love From... magazine and blog. My first post, a review of She & Him‘s second Christmas album (released December 2016) is available here.

Once again, I would like to extend my deepest thanks to any- and everyone who reads Whatever Words. I hope I can keep your attention for the foreseeable!

P.S. If you want to know how 2016 panned out for me personally, my first post of 2017 was in fact a (hopefully humorous) overview. Read it here.

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