Scramble, Sojourn – or Something More?



#Blogmas seemed like such a wonderful idea. A number of people told me it was a tall order, blogging every day, without fail, but I was up to the challenge. I know one blogger, Florence Grace, who has blogged every day for the past year; I have tremendous respect for her and her efforts.

I, though, haven’t published a new blog post in a week; I haven’t done anything #Blogmas related for some 10 days. I was up to the challenge. I still am: I know every post I would do to fill every day of the event.

So why the lapse? Where, oh, where – he says unconceitedly – have I been?

In my last post, “Burdens of a Bookworm“, I talked about the pressures that have stemmed from planning too much: more reading than I physically have time for; and the sense of disappointment and failure I feel from falling short on these plans.

Something has happened though. I don’t know what exactly. Perhaps it truly is simply the passage of time; the healing of wounds and rejuvenation – back into my old ways, of which I was so (personally) proud and which delivered such satisfaction and self-confidence.

[Yeah, yeah, but what has happened?]


I have my flair for reading back !!!

Honestly, I don’t know what it is, but I am about to finish my third book in the space of eight days. And I am really fucking happy.

That, quite simply, is where I’ve been. I am determined to do at least a few more #Blogmas posts (not least to finish the story of my trip to Bournemouth visiting Geek Magnifique (read parts I and II here and here), and meeting the beautiful Laura Cloughley). But presently, I am “scrambling” to catch up on books which have been taunting me with their silent stares.

So, for the record, there will be new posts in the coming days (not that anyone will have the time or inclination to read them as we are getting ever closer to Christmas!) I am of the impression that there are some people out there – few and far between, I dare say! – who do actually enjoy reading what I post here; and so I’d like to clarify that my absence will not be permanent. I have many, many ideas for Whatever Words in 2017, which I hope to get stuck into at the very beginning of the New Year – perhaps even a January 1st post bemoaning a hangover; who knows?

To anyone who happens to read this and does enjoy whatever makes its way from my head to this fragment of the Internet: thanks for your support and patience. January 2017 will more than make up for this temporary drop-off, I promise!


UPDATE: Read a brief addendum to this post here.

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