Dec 8th: Christmas on the Coast II

Illness and consequent tiredness are getting the better of me: This post was supposed to appear yesterday, but I hadn’t the energy. This evening #TalkMH will take the majority of my attention. Thus, instead of II being a lengthy post encompassing both Saturday and Sunday just past; this eighth entry for #Blogmas will cover Saturday, whilst Sunday’s antics will follow the day after tomorrow (ironically, this Saturday). Read about Christmas Eve here.

Saturday 3rd December 


The four of us had crepes for breakfast. Nomnomnom. (Secret: I had my first crepe – with yummy chocolate.) Certain people overdosed on a maple syrup and chocolate concoction. These, for the record, where made with Geek Magnifique‘s crepe maker – props to her (who I am counting on for photos of this fly brekkie.)

We then strolled into town, which was looking fairly festive…

Check out this dude!


We visited this place:


The head talks

I ate this and it was yum:


Afterwards, we went home for a massive, delicious Christmas lunch with everyone one expects from a Christmas lunch. Props to the PJs for buying everything – and Dave for carving the turkey breasts. Amy and Fred joined us, too.

Following this, we exchanged presents. I feel bad, because I ended up with something of an excellent haul…


I mean, look at that booze


After lunch and games – the Humpty Dumpty Wall Game!! – and terrible jokes from Christmas crackers and breaking Dave’s new mini drone (through Humpty Dumpty’s wall: pure class); we snuggled up to watch Jingle All the Way, a Family Guy Chirstmas Special –

which I fell asleep during, and woke up at the end of some other animated Christmas flick.

…So for me, Christmas came to something of an abrupt, albeit sleepy, end during Family Guy. There are worse ways to end the day…


Also, during the pre-Christmas lunch snacks, I put a breadstick in my beer, lit it as a cigar, and also up my nose (and then promptly into the bin).





Boxing Day was still to come…

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