Dec 6th: Christmas on the Coast I

Last weekend I visited one of my closest friends, Geek Magnifique, and the rest of my Bournemouth crew, for Christmas on the Coast! This involved lots of food, booze, Christmas music and Christmas films and Christmas jumpers, and cheap presents each “hilariously”-suited to the recipient.

This will be a two-part post. Part One will focus on the preliminary fun of Friday’s Christmas Eve, whilst Part Two will cover Saturday’s Christmas and Sunday’s Boxing Day.

Christmas Eve, Friday 2nd December

I had Friday off of work! Thursday evening had been comprised of #TalkMH and relaxing with a book. Friday morning saw me go on a dog walk with a friend, during which my dog adorably climbed in and out of a pillbox window, but refused to repeat the action for the camera!

fullsizerenderThe drive down to Bournemouth was unusually uninterrupted (although leaving at 12:10pm on a Friday as opposed to 4:30pm on a Friday afternoon probably made something a difference). I listened (twice) to She & Him’s new album, Christmas Party, which does exactly what it says on the tin; parked up; wrapped up; and headed into town for a very late breakfast (advent calendar, aside). This, I am overjoyed to recall, morphed into an impromptu-surprise meal and drink in Wetherspoons with none other than my bestie!




On the way home, I stopped at Sprinkles for a white chocolate and kinder two-scoop treat.

Once home (the PJ’s) I promptly changed into my Christmas Jumper, cranked up Christmas Tunes, and loosely helped Julie (the J of the PJs) bake (I grated too much cheese). img_2222


Upon arriving home from work, Pete (the P of the PJs) popped into his Christmas Jumper, we got the TV fire blazing and had a beer. Once Mel and Dave had arrived, we headed to the greatest place in all of Bournemouth:

The Firkin Shed


In here, I – and others – drank a number of pints of Rudi In Orbit.*


Following this, we collected and (I) devoured takeaway** whilst watching Elf. (I cannot omit the fact (I dare say Mel shan’t let me) that I was somewhat dissatisfied with the viewing experience as everyone talked through it whilst I – to my eternal shame, having only ever seen Elf once before – was trying with desperate attentiveness to pay absolute attention!)

Eventually, after Mel’s husband, I fell asleep.

When I awoke, it was Christmas morning…


* That, in the centre, is the Ska Man, designed by Jesse Michaels (son of  late writer Leonard Michaels) for the ska-punk band, Operation Ivy, of which he was the lyricist and vocalist. That band, his lyrics, and consequently this ale, is the biggest of deals to me.
** I had a curry from the unfailingly-delicious Argee Bhajee

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