A Second Letter to Someone


Dear              ,

I can’t help but wonder where you’ve gotten to?

The days are now cold; the nights even colder; and we still have yet to find each other. Hopefully it won’t be too long now.

I am, once again, passing time by reading – but I’d much rather spend it with you. Oh, all the beautiful turns of phrase I’ve encountered. We could delight in them for hours, I swear.

And those films are still waiting. As December gets ever closer, I must admit that I’m getting the itch to watch them. The thing is, I’ve no one to watch them with. It just doesn’t seem right to watch scenes of sleigh bells and snowballs all alone. Please get here soon.

The dark cloud overhead still remains, I’m sorry to say, and I know all it would take is your smile to blow it away. One kiss of yours would conquer the heartache and despair. The loneliness. I’m sorry to sound weak or needy – but I long for your company.

My heart is waiting for you. Let me be yours.


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