What follows are fragments of scattered memories. So brief are these fragments, that they probably don’t even qualify as vignettes. Nevertheless, I will update this post whenever more come to mind. I think it is both pleasing and satisfying to look back on those moments which, for whatever reason, remain vivid enough for us to recall, even decades after the event. I happily implore whoever reads this to do similarly.


Playing Super Mario 64, Big Boo’s Haunt – I particularly remember the carousel – whilst listening to an audio cassette of Fantastic Mr. Fox.


I think it was Christmas. My Dad in his old cream dressing gown (which he still has), turning up loud, and singing along to, Björk’s ‘It’s Oh So Quiet’, which was on TV at the time. I seem to also envisage large animals – which I think were the Banana Splits – being on the stage (it was a music video); but this must surely be wrong.


Sitting in my Dad’s old Vauxhall in Spectrum car park, listening to Bon Jovi’s epic ‘Dry County’, REALLY loudly, with my Dad bellowing “Dryyyy county!”


Playing TimeSplitters: Future Perfect – the Scottish castle level – listening to Slipknot’s Iowa album.


My 18th birthday. Finished 6th Form early that day, around lunch time. Went to the pub around the corner, the Anchor & Horseshoes, for a pint with my mate Boasty (David).

I didn’t get ID’d.

Boasty exclaimed that they had to ID me because it was nothing less than the day I reached the legal drinking age! As always was back then, it was a pint of the amber nectar.


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