A Note on November

This morning, the splendid Hannah Delacour tweeted:
This prompted me, aside from asking what she possibly disliked about the month, to think about what I like about it.
And it’s really quite simple.
I told Hannah that
I adore the smoky, misty nights
That’s part of it. It’s also time, place and soundtrack.
To me, November is walking back along Cromwell Road to my student house in Winchester, around 5pm, after lectures, in darkness, a faint scent of smoke in the air and my breath foreshadowing every step I take, with Capdown and the Suicide Machines blasting in my ears.
For some still-unknown and bizarre reason, I didn’t see the legendary skacore band Capdown until their Final Tour in 2007 at Islington Academy. On 6 Novmeber 2011, I saw them play a reunion show at Koko in Camden. (An old review of this show will be posted soon.) This would’ve been my final year of uni, and the timing of the gig is probably why they were a soundtrack for my cold November that year.
The Suicide Machines, meanwhile, I had loosely known way back from Tony Hawk’s Skateboarding, which featured their excellent song ‘New Girl’. I think it was at around this time at uni that I brought – inspired by a later Tony Hawk’s title which included ‘High Anxiety’ in its soundtrack – their fifth album, A Match and Some Gasoline (2003), from which that song was taken. Their first album, Destruction by Definition (1996) – which opens with ‘New Girl’ – I’d had  for a few years, and loved it.
There isn’t much more to this post. It really is that simple.
November, to me, is these albums:
and this backdrop:
What do you love about November?

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