‘Blacklist’ – a poem

After this, I simply must pen another poem of positivity.


I am the blacklist
I am the place no one wants to go
The record on which people dread to to reside
Social castigation; metaphorical castration;
Must I be cast overboard for what I feel down deep inside?
Dust-bowl coronation; an emotional cremation
Should I keep to the fringes of this glass heart
or is it better to shatter, safe in the knowledge that I tried?
I am the blacklist
Roll-call for the reviled
Register of the refused
I am the darkness where light fears to tread
where land the crumbs which have come unglued
Here waits my heart which, without blood, is better off dead
I am an echo – if you blinked, you may have missed it
This is me:
I am Blacklisted

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