‘Fiorello’ – a poem

A second poem comprised of Less Than Jake lyricssue me.*

* Please don’t sue me, Less Than Jake. I love you.


Welcome to my busy, dizzy life
Just sitting here and getting by
Through the years not a whole lot’s changed:
This is the Golden Age of My Negative Ways
I’m just broke and standing here again.

After all the endless nights,
I’ll just have to face:
My heart’s a paradise for parasites
It could be years before another one knocks
But now this heart’s closed and locked
And it’s only a matter of time until my roaring stops
I kind of wish that it was years ago
With all the people that I could’ve known
But it’s just another wasted night
and I am right alongside.

I’m strung out on the future and burnt on this scene
Now hanging around don’t mean a thing
I won’t wait up, won’t lock the door
‘Cause she doesn’t fucking like me anymore
There’s just losers, kings, and things don’t I understand;
from mathematical problems to rubber bands
And they’re all I have left to hold on to.

I’m a boardwalk set to fall
Now I soundcheck to an empty room, asking:
“Is this thing on at all?”
I’m cursing right through my teeth
A one-trick pony that’s stuck on repeat
With all the ups and downs and turnarounds
I may be going broke but I’m never broken down.

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