‘Vinnie’ – a poem

When your favourite band’s lyrics which bounced off you for 14 years make you cry, it’s probably time to admit that you have a problem…


You told me I can’t live with ghosts
and I know you’re right
but right now it’s your words that hurt the most
I’m washed up, I’m watered down;
This whipping boy; once a sharpshooter
is now a bulb that’s burned out.
Man, it’s really strange
How some people never stay the same
How some people are just up and gone
and leave you with the product of their sum
And all my tears over my “almost home”
are a skyline that goes on and on
forever on and on.

You know, I’m caught in an endless circle
a cycle that stalls and spins
But I’ll just chalk it off as the state I’m in
I’m a shipwreck, I’m a mess;
This is Situation Hopeless:
Here’s to sinking fast all by myself.

Would anyone notice if I up and left town?
Would they listen if I screamed over the crowd?
Would anyone care if I was anywhere but here?
Right now, I’m short on ideas
but there’s still one thing I know:
When all we listen to is that song
Well, then it’s time to go.

You know, I wonder if anyone out there’s just like me:
a walking, a talking catastrophe
And I wonder how it feels to be on top of the world
but I fear I’ll never know.


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