‘The Shortest Fuse’ – a poem of positivity

Today is World Mental Health Day. I wanted to mark the occasion with a poem of, and about, positivity. The short poem that follows was the first stanza to come out of that endeavour; however the rest of the poem went in a different direction, and it seemed more appropriate to separate them.

Thus, below is one of two poems of positivity. I hope you enjoy it.

The Shortest Fuse

Even the shortest fuse, when it is furiously burning,
Even the shortest fuse finds time for learning;
That you are your own axis and
You will keep on turning, so
Keep those eyes wide
Keep those eyes bright
Keep that heart pumping with pride, and
Your soul will keep on burning

throughout the coldest night.

The second poem, ‘The Kindness of Seasons’, can be read here.

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