‘The Kindness of Seasons’ – a poem of positivity

This is the second of two poems of positivity written for World Mental Health Day.

The Kindness of Seasons

When the leaves turn brown and touch the ground
Form a smile from that furrowed frown;
For time has given us a fresh start:
A chance to explore a beautiful town
To meet all the faces that fill up lonely spaces
and warm the cockles of your heart.

When the frost begins to settle on the morning grass
and the temperature drops oh, so fast;
We will weather the storm with friendships that are built to last
And some may cast us away on the winter solstice
But we will tend those wounds with true love’s first kiss.

Our minds are calendars comprised of seasons;
And as often as it rains it will afterward shine,
The truth is that for every cloud there is a reason,
And every twist is sweetened with a gentle rhyme.

When the pretty flowers, they come into bloom
Let yourself be lifted by blue sky and fluttertune
For life is more than colds and crunchy leaves:
A beautiful bride may make a wish with a dashing groom;
The celebration of dreams make for picturesque scenes
where smiles and sweethearts crowd even the largest room.

When the sun delivers us the longest of days
We could make love under its warm, tender gaze
Hand-in-hand we will conquer life’s never-ending maze
Out there is someone for everyone;

with whom we can share in the summer solstice
As we allay one another’s fears with true love’s first kiss.

The kindness of seasons gives us something to believe in:
From tulips and suntans to conkers and sneezing
If you ever need it, I’ll give you plenty to believe in;
So take a seat and rest your feet;
Let me pour you a cuppa
(there’s your first reason)
and tell you all about the kindness of seasons.


The first poem, ‘The Shortest Fuse’, can be read here.

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