Chocolate and Status Quo


A random thought came into my head earlier: will they do White Maltesers this Christmas? I don’t recall seeing them for the past year or two.

This came to mind as I pondered one of two local music venues, G Live. Before it was renovated into the large, swanky building it is now – which hosts everything from children’s plays and philharmonic orchestras to sell-out comedians, beer festivals and stadium-filling rock bands – it was the Civic Hall, which went so far as to feature on David Bowie’s 1973 Ziggy Stardust tour.

The link between White Maltesers and this venue is that; when I was younger I was always a massive fan of Maltesers, as well as white chocolate – Milky Bars, to be precise – and longed for white chocolate Maltesers. And one day my wish came true. I remember well the first time they made an appearance; for two bags served as my dinner that evening – the evening my Dad and I saw Status Quo at the Civic Hall.

s-l225I’ve narrowed it down to two likely dates. According to Setlist FM, they played at the Civic Hall – among other times – on 9th December 2002 and 29th October 2003. I would’ve presumed that, given the chocolaty occasion, it was the December date, but the October date was the ‘Riffs’ tour, and I remember having a ‘Riffs’ tour shirt. In fact, I’ve found an image of one (see left); and thmaltesers-merryteaser-reindeer-chocolate-2e very first date is my hometown.

So that’s today’s detective work out of the way. If this Christmas doesn’t bring White Maltesers, there’ll always be the Malteser reindeer.

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