Trust in Music

Less Than Jake is the first band I properly loved; I’ve been obsessed with them for probably half my life. This Thursday and next Tuesday I will see them live for the third and fourth time this year. Back in May, I met them at a record signing at Banquet Records. Last year I saw them twice. You get the idea.

One of the things I was most looking forward to about living in America was seeing my favourite bands more often. But the truth is, I undoubtedly see them more often here in England than I would in the US, as it’s unlikely I’d make many state-crossing trips. Repeated trips to London are far more convenient.

Every cloud and all that.

The support for both these shows will be The Skints, who I have seen live at least two dozen times over the last seven years. I’ve seen them four times in my hometown. In April, I saw them on a boat on the River Thames. When I was in a band at uni, we supported them (six years ago today, in fact). I have more Skints shirts than they do albums. I love The Skints.

There isn’t much point to this post other than the observation that life indeed goes on; and there’s always things that can make you glad to be alive, even in the face of seemingly-insurmountable calamity. Do the things you love.

Throughout everything recently, one Less Than Jake album, Borders & Boundaries, has been on repeat. The last song on that album, ‘Faction’, has a line which encapsulates how I’m feeling, and I think rounds off this post nicely. As LTJ’s Vinnie has elsewhere said about another song: make this your mantra.

Strike a match and hope it lasts
Here’s to following your own lead

[NB: ‘Trust in Music’ is the final, wonderful dub track on Big D and the Kids Table’s 2013 album,ย Stroll]

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