‘Loving Our Monsters’ – a poem

Loving Our Monsters

Some of us love too much
But that too much can never be enough
Sometimes it can feel like the world is out of touch
And our monsters will always break our trust

Some don’t think that the heart should be worn on the sleeve
Well, mine has been ripped wide open and is here for all to thieve
Sometimes the world feels like nothing more than traps and tricks to weave
between; amidst them all, it is a proud, brave thing to love and to dream
And that’s what I believe

Sometimes we have no choice but to love our monsters
Even though they might break us
Some of us must accept and love our monsters
For it is these beasts and flaws which make us

(02/10/16 & 04/10/16)

[NB: The phrase ‘Loving Our Monsters’ is borrowed from Peter Frase’s Four Futures: Life After Capitalism (Verso, 2016)]

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