‘Out of Nowhere’ – a poem

Out of Nowhere

It arrives like a tidal wave
a riotous cavalcade of every emotion
that rises from the ocean
to come crashing down
and wash away the progress I thought I’d made

My insides can be so unkind
Laying the wreath as she colonises my mind
Every broken dream is a jackboot and I
am innocence to pillage
Her famous first words are Agent Orange
that soaks my heart; a once-gentle village
Hereditary poison pumped down to the root
She is Deepwater; I am the spillage

It arrives like a freight train
unscheduled again; cargo: commotion
destination: devotion
a small, sad-swept town
where time passes but passes in vain

My insides reach one thousand degrees
Yet the trigger fits firmly in this frame that I freeze
Every broken promise is a cluster bomb and I
am a patchwork of scars
Her angelic exterior is white phosphorous
that scalds my heart as it rains down from the stars
Sizzling spores make for a bleak, bitter song
I am a serf; she is a stronghold of tsars

It arrives from out of nowhere
no fibre is spared this pain in slow-motion
throw me to the first stanza’s ocean
I am a lonely noun
who wants to be more than a kiss going spare


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