Hardcore Punk for Hopeless Times

I suspect it is simply its suitability to the stupefying, surreal, turbulent and tragic times in which we now find ourselves. But whatever the reason may be, having rediscovered a hunger for hardcore punk and its aggressive, street-scarred acolytes, I am finding it an apposite antidote to hopelessness. I have just listened to the 1982 … Continue reading Hardcore Punk for Hopeless Times

Skateboarding & Punk Rock: A Personal History – Part One

Part One An academic history of the connection between skateboarding and punk rock is something I would be fascinated to read. Tonight, though, it is my personal experience which plays on my fingertips. I have by now listened to many hours of Damian Abraham’s Turned Out a Punk podcast, but his interview with legendary Liverpudlian … Continue reading Skateboarding & Punk Rock: A Personal History – Part One

‘Permanent Vacation’ – film review

Jim Jarmusch’s 1980 debut, Permanent Vacation, sees Aloysious Christopher “Allie” Parker (Chris Parker) walking around a New York City far removed from Hollywood glyth. This is Desolation Row, albeit far less populous. Aside from several slow-motion opening shots of bustling streets, Parker’s New York is lonesomely barren. Allie is a fan of Charlie Parker. The … Continue reading ‘Permanent Vacation’ – film review

First Thoughts on ‘The Darling Buds of May’

My recent reacquaintance with the act of endless reading has seen me exercise my inclination for eclecticism. Presently, I have gone from Charles Bukowski’s Post Office (1971) through one of Italo Calvino’s Cosmicomics (‘The Distance of the Moon’; 1965) into the first of H. E. Bates’ Larkin Family tales, The Darling Buds of May (1958). … Continue reading First Thoughts on ‘The Darling Buds of May’

Thee Hurricanes’ ‘Come Reggae With…’ – album review

I have probably written elsewhere that the slushy sound of an organ reminds me of the seaside. The way it whistles and the quirking of its keys creates a sensation I can slush around in, thinking about years of innocence long since passed; a child watching Punch & Judy shows on Brighton beach. It is … Continue reading Thee Hurricanes’ ‘Come Reggae With…’ – album review